• Die Humboldt-Box am Schlossplatz gegenüber vom Lustgarten

The Humboldt-Box shows visitors the new Berlin Palace Humboldt Forum from some surprising angles. It highlights various impressive aspects related to the palace’s former and latest history and to the state-of-the-art construction technology used on the site. One exhibit which has proved particularly popular with the audience is the large-scale model of “Berlin around 1900”. The Humboldt Box is currently one of the city’s most visited attractions. It is the showcase for the Berlin Palace Humboldt Forum. On display are examples of innovative exhibition concepts. The Humboldt brothers would have approved of the “haven for arts and sciences” that is being created here. The tour around the interactively designed exhibition floors becomes a journey of discovery that engages all senses. The top floor offers views across the palace construction site and the museums on Museumsinsel. It may be a good idea to set aside some time to spend at the café/restaurant located there, which has panorama terraces.


In the coming years, the large-scale Berliner Schloss-Humboldtforum (Berlin City Palace / Humboldtforum) construction project will be realized on the palace grounds in Berlin. A tour of the Humboldt-Box highlights the importance of this unique cultural building project. The palace’s original size as well as its political significance and complexity as a historical monument are impressive. But it is the proposed content of the palace’s programming that finally convinced the German Bundestag to proceed with this undertaking in 2009. It was decided to develop a national project in the center of Berlin that would serve as an innovative meeting and cultural center. The interactive exhibitions one encounters on a tour through the Humboldt-Box reveal the project’s scope and conceptual plan.

Place of interest

History of the castle square

The castle square which the Berlin Castle is built, is characterized by its unique history. After the demolition of the historical city palace, the castle site in the GDR was used for demonstration marches. In the 1970s, the Palace of the Republic was established, which became centralized venue of the GDR for major political and cultural events. After reunification, the palace was closed in 1990 due to high asbestos contamination and in 1997 it was removed in pieces. In addition to the Palace of the Republic, the GDR is also known as the land of espionage.


Which methods are used by the Stasi? And how common is the topic of espionage? Don’t miss the German Spy Museum near Potsdamer Platz, in order to get to the bottom of these questions.


  • All visitors have free admission to the Humboldt-Box.
  • CAUTION!! The exhibits in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd floor of the Humboldt-Box have been opened for you for the last time on 16.12.2018.
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