Reconstruction of Berlin Palace

Berlin Palace

The Berlin Palace will be rebuilt in its former beauty. To be sure, not in every detail as it once was but with the modern architecture of its new east facade. The Italian Prof. Franco Stella was chosen as the first prize winner in an international architectural competition at the end of 2008. His plans carefully embody the parameters set by the German Bundestag.

From the exterior, the Palace will once again look as beautiful as before, with its baroque city facades and the Schlüterhof courtyard. The historic dome will also return. With it, the Palace will again become the central architectural structure of the city. Nevertheless, it will acquire a modern east facade facing the river Spree and a simple modern west facade inside the Schlüterhof in place of the earlier facade of the transverse building from 1873 which was done in an obtrusive neo renaissance style which poorly harmonized with Schlüter’s architecture.

In the interior it will be a modern building which nevertheless will enable future generations to also reconstruct significant series of rooms from the old Palace. The Palace will restore the familiar picture of Berlin, complete the historic “Mitte” district, and heal the city’s appearance. It’s reconstruction will transform Berlin once more into the much loved “Athens on the Spree”.